Méav, The Celtic Songbird

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Here is how to use your card. Scroll down to see all of your cards/messages on the page.On top of the page please click on the little pictures/icons to continue on page to page for your messages. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR ONE!!

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Dearest Méav

We wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday this 2013 year and Pray it will be the best for you in your career.

With your Divinas' music and the CD Christmas music we have been very excited to get to hear some fresh sounds of your beautiful voice once again. Your voice in the Christmas CD of 2012 with the other Celtic Woman girls is so pure and strong and so beautiful. We are still playing the Christmas CD, in the Month of January 2013.

We want you to know since the year you blessed us with Danny Boy and other songs from the first CD we bought sponsored by the Celtic Woman group in 2007, we have bought all your other CDs, including the Irish Eyes Are Smiling CD which you had 3 songs on the album.

Your beautiful voice has blessed us so often and we can't imagine a day without some songs of yours making the day brighter and the nights more relaxing.
Thank you for giving so much to all your fans.
You are truly a gift to us all.
Happy Birthday and God Bless You Méav .

Ken and Dinnie

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Well, here we are again on your special day!!! I realize the trauma involved when reaching the quarter century mark, but others have found a way to cope--as I'm sure you will, also! :-)

You have a beautiful family to help you cope with all life's hard knocks and I'm positive they will be at your side for this one!!! Two beautiful daughters and a terrific husband ( here I am relying on your good taste and ability to sort through the "Good, Bad, and ugly" to come up with someone you deserve-- Just kidding, He has to be a great guy and, if I may, very lucky!!! ) to help you celebrate another Birthday!!

One of the best times I have had was in Nashville at Orlagh's recording and meeting you was the highlight. I can only hope you will be returning to the U.S. soon and performing somewhere close enough I can attend. In the meantime, enjoy your life with your beautiful family and know there are soooooo many waiting for you to come back to us and make our lives a lot richer!!



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I am glad I have a chance to give Birthday wishes to you. Have been down with the flu and that has given me quiet time to enjoy your beautiful music by way of CD and DVD. You seem to send a calm in each song.

Thanks for being YOU.
Do have a blessed Birthday and year.
I'm looking forward to March for your concert on PBS.


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